Infrastructure Management

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Infrastructure Management

Urban technical infrastructure is like the blood vessels of the human body. The more urban the system is, the more complex technical infrastructure in the city. The development of urban technical infrastructure has a direct impact on the development and quality of life of the city. The formation and development, scale and direction of urban development generally depends on the planning of urban space. The urban space development plan shall be effectively implemented only when the technical infrastructure is synchronous and one step ahead.

According to the current classification, urban technical infrastructure works include: urban transport infrastructure, water supply, drainage, electricity – urban lighting, communications, greenery, parks , waste water treatment, solid waste, urban cemetery.

In order to invest in and build a comprehensive and effective infrastructure system in the past years, most of the localities have worked out the general planning on the basis of the general planning already approved by the competent level with a number of detailed plannings. These are the important legal bases for the creation, upgrading and expansion of old urban areas, the construction and development of new urban areas.

Vinh Yen Environment and Urban Services Joint Stock Company provides services related to Management of Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Urban Sewerage System, Construction of Urban Technical Infrastructure, urban sewage system, sidewalk system, public property in the city.