Urban Tree Management

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Urban Tree Management

According to the decree 64/2010 / ND-CP of the Prime Minister, “urban green trees” are green trees for public use, trees for limited use and specialized green trees in urban areas; “Urban green management” includes: planning, planting, tending, nursing, protecting and cutting trees, moving urban trees.Urban green management is associated with the term “urban forestry” or “urban forest management”.

The concept of urban forestry originated in North America in the 1960s, Jorgensen introduced these concepts including solving tree problems in the city, managing both single trees and the whole area. affected by urbanization; Including street greenery, park greenery, other public areas, greenery at home gardens and all the natural remains left in this area.Urban green management is a complex field of activity, involving a wide variety of different objects and industries in the city; It requires a multi-level dialectical cooperation between the parties to maximize the benefits to the urban population.

Sustainable urban green management ensures the balance of social, economic and environmental factors, contributing to the maintenance of urban ecological balance in response to new conditions; In it, man is an important element. To diversify the urban ecosystem by using a variety of plants with aesthetic value, diversified in morphology and species to attract relevant animals; But the selection of urban plants still needs to ensure that priority is given to the use of indigenous species or species that have been tested for good results over the long term.

Urban tree management is the responsibility of the community. Institutional management of socialization and multi-stakeholder engagement creates a community-wide diffusion in the management of shared resources (also a common source of risk) of shared resources. In addition, the decentralization of power by socialization helps to ensure the management of urban trees in a comprehensive way.

Vinh Yen Environment and Urban Services Joint Stock Company with many years of experience in the field of urban green tree management, together with a team of skilled technicians and complete equipment system. has been honored to be selected as a contractor managing many urban green systems, contributing to the clean and beautiful landscape of the city:

  • Campus, flower garden, divider
  • Nursery, providing seedlings
  • The design of the campus construction, the separator
  • Provide bonsai trees for the works