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Public Lighting Management

At present, electricity for lighting is about 35% of total electricity consumption. Compared to the rest of the world, this is a high level, as this ratio in the world is about 16-17%. In particular, the public lighting system in our country, partly because of the long-term installation should be degraded, because the use of energy-consuming technology, installation has not brought the maximum use of the use of the use. Electricity is also wasteful.

Problems of public lighting system in our country.

According to information from the Energy Saving Center. At present, big cities of Vietnam are still using high pressure mercury or high pressure sodium lamps for public lighting system. For example, in Hanoi 52%, Bac Giang 65%, Tuyen Quang 100%, Hoi An 60%, Ben Tre 83%, Rach Gia 90% … This type of lamp consumes more electricity, low, the average life of this lamp is not high, from 6000 to 18000 hours, quality and productivity is low. The system of lighting control stations is only managed and controlled through the local cabinet and almost no lighting control device for this system.

Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of electricity use and to cope with frequent power shortages in large cities, in recent years, many large cities in Vietnam have taken measures to turn off Reduced public lighting at night, endangering vehicles, evils such as theft, robbery also increased due to insufficient lighting in public. Not to mention, these public lighting systems are also contributing to the beauty of the city, ensuring security, order, promote the trade of goods and services … Do If the quality of this public lighting system is improved, it will contribute to promoting the development and growth of the city in a sustainable manner.

The challenge for local authorities involved in the Public lighting network is to increase the quality of lighting but to reduce electricity consumption and cut annual operating budgets. People view public lighting as an important public service and require an improvement in quality. Therefore, this is a small pressure and a problem that needs solving for the city government.

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